Khanissa Kanyshevna Satpayeva

Hurry up for good Deeds!

Elena Brussilovskaya, Almaty (“Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” paper)

In the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov an opening of bust of the Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Khanissa Kanyshevna Satpayeva and “Life Sciences” Center bearing her name, took place.

A daughter of her own father

I think that we have not so many people who have busts devoted to them and mounted while they alive and research centers named after their names. Notably this is done not by direction from above but to express a sincere gratitude to a human being left behind a considerable trace in science and good memory in humans’ hearts. As one movie’s hero put in, everything is left to people, both good and bad. And human’s oblivion or immortality is in this residual.

Khanissa Satpayeva spent a long, full brimmed life, and she is full of optimism, interest to current situation although she is almost 92 year old.

An elder born daughter of the Kanysh Satpayev, Khanissa Kanyshevna, found herself as worthy in all to her great father, in attitude to her job, to which she served with good faith and fidelity for many years, attitude to life, to people… Although she chosen another profession hasn’t being extended the family dynasty of geologists as her sister Meiz did, but went her own way, inherently Khanissa is own flesh and blood, a part of the powerful clan of Satpayevs.

As early as in childhood being almost dead after vaccination done at school she decided to become a doctor. When she grown she didn’t change to her child’s dream and entered the Medical Institute of Almaty. But it wasn’t just a profession choice for her, it was mission. To serve to people, generously share with her knowledge, skills, help them both with word and deed, work her heart out for the benefit of her country, this is a philosophy of Khanissa Satpayeva.

This philosophy passed on to her hereditarily not only from her father, once upon a time a great while ago this was put in her by her lovely grandfather Imantai has been raising her for the first years of her life. A man with wisdom, Kanysh Satpayev’s father, he particularly gave a name to his only granddaughter (remaining grandchildren where boys) Khanissa which translated from Arabian means “Bonae Feminae”. Who knows, maybe this name to some extent defined her life. “My parents married each other being young since before entrance of Kanysh Imatayevich to the Technology Institute of Tomsk” – Khanissa Kanyshevna is recalling. “My mother, Sharipa Smagulovna, was my father’s first wife. We, their children, as any other Imantai’s grandchildren, grew under the roof of my grandfather’s house. Of all grandchildren he loved me most of all and I learned from him a lot. I was treated kindly by grandfather and still remember his good-natured smile and loving look.

Later in the early 30’s Kanysh Imantayevich took his daughter and moved out to Karssakpai where a big copper plant being built, a firstling of the non-ferrous metallurgy of the young Soviet country. By then he had another family where small Khanissa didn’t feel herself as alien or deprived, Taissiya Aleksseyevna, a new wife of Satpayev, became a second mother for her.

“Taisssiya Aleksseyevna an my mother loved one another whole-heartedly” – Nurlan Zharmagambetov, Khanissa Kanyshevna’s son, is telling.” As early as in school mother was an excellent, active pupil, and although she didn’t know Russian at the beginning, as grandfather Imantai teached her Arabian, she entered Russian school and mastered a new language very fast. I remember that my mother told that grandfather was very proud that her portrait hung up alongside of Karl Marks’s and Lenin’s portraits. And when she graduated the school she entered the Medical Institute. Indeed, Kanysh Imantayevich has guided none of his children, allegedly you will become a geologist, and you will be philologist… Everybody has chosen a profession after own heart.


An art you serving for

Khanissa took to a distinguished profession of doctor right away. Therewith she not only treated people but, not least importantly, for many years trained the future doctors. Indeed, medicine as contrasted with many other specialties very closely is interlaced with ethics and morality. Therefore, teachers face with a challenging task, as well, not only to pass to their students a definite volume of knowledge, but also to form their special life philosophy – compassion, readiness at any time come to the rescue to people.

Khanissa Kanyshevna succeeded this fully, she has educated thousands doctors remembering her with thanks. In opinion of one of these people, a doctor of medical science, head of Department of Normal Physiology Alexander Dmitriyevich Sokolov, Khahissa Kanyshevna is one of the brightest persons being ever worked in the university. “Khanissa Kanyshevna is a big heart person, excellent teacher, and talented lector” – he is saying. However being very kindness person, she never was “do-gooder”; she always exigently referred not only to us, students, but also to herself.

Khanissa Kanyshevna left to the future medical generations a very much-needed thing, having righted the first original textbook in human physiology in Kazakh “Adam Physiologiyassy” which withstood more than one re-edition. More than 15 years this used by students for learning not only in medical universities but in all biological faculties in Kazakhstan universities, as well. For this Khanissa Kanyshevna was awarded by the medal named after A Baiturssynov.

All her life Khanissa Satpayeva was remaining faithful not only to her profession, but also to her university, she has been learning here perceiving medical science elementary, improving her mastery being defended first of all the candidate thesis and thereafter doctoral thesis. For 12 years she was a Dean of the Therapeutic Faculty, and post obitum of her teacher, major scientists, academician Alexander Porfiryevich Polossukhin she attached to a chair of the Department of Normal Physiology.

“Medical Institute was always her own home” – Nurlan Zharmagambetov is saying – “and still when someone is calling the first thing she asks is: “Did you graduate our institute?” Her authorities were five persons, a grandfather Imantai, father Kanysh Imantayevich, two mothers, Sharipa Smagulovna abd Taissiya Alekseyevna, and her teacher, academician Polosukhin. In particular, he is recommended her the Russian academician Vassilyi Parin as supervisor of a doctoral thesis. This was an immense authority in the Soviet science, a largest scientist-physiologist having addressed the cosmobiology issues, as well. The fact is that Alexander Porfiryevich Polossukhin was not be able to be engaged in university’s science, supervision of PhD students, as he was working together with Kanysh Imantayevich in newly created at that time Academy of Science of Kazakhstan as his first Vice-President, being created together with Satpayev a scientific school of Kazakhstan. They were not only big friends, but also likeminded people. Satpayev called Alexander Porfiryevich as his most reliable person, and at this complex time it was worth much.


            A sound mind in a sound body

Over the last years of employment in the institute Khanissa Kanyshevna a lot of energy devoted to creation of the new science for Kazakhstan – valeology, a science dealing with health and healthy lifestyle. “On one hand, one would think that healthy lifestyle are cheesy, played-out words, on the other hand this is a thing not completely understood” – Alexander Sokolov is believing – “because this lifestyle is underestimated in our community, and it is difficult to realize it practically as any system issue concerning people. Indeed, the most difficult is to redo a human.

Khanissa Kanyshevna posed in front of herself a difficult task of creation of healthy, morally clean human. She has been adhering to the rule framed by antique wise men: “A sound mind in a sound body”, she tirelessly insisted that people are responsible for their health. “For example, a human throughout his life did immoderacy, overfed, smoked, drunk, and at one point his health gave away, pain is here and there… He visits a doctor and asks a tablet to become healthy” – Alexander Dmitriyevich is laughing “It doesn’t work that way! The World Health Organization established what from the human’s health depends. There you are, 50% depends on human’s lifestyle, 20% from generics, inheritance, 20% more from environment, and only 10% — from medical care. However, medical care is, as the phrase goes, the talk of the town, however lifestyle is individual deal of any person. Why do you think Khanissa Kanyshevna came to such respectable age? Indeed, because she followed the healthy lifestyle principles. For that matter a Khanissa Kanyshevna’s daughter, a doctor of chemical science, Alima Zharmagambetov is recalling: “Me and my mother debated a lot concerning “valeology” term which she liked a lot and which is not correctly understood in our community. I proposed to her to call this discipline more simply, let’s say, “a healthy lifestyle outreach”, but she wasn’t agree. And possibly she was correct, as this word has a long history, Alexander Pushkin liked this word. As you remember in “Yevgeny Onegin” “…in the end of the letter one has to put “vale”? “Vale” in translation from Latin means “be healthy”, and “Logos” means a word, teaching. Here it turns out that valeology is a science dealing with health. And one of its components is moral, mental component to which mother paid great attention. When we were growing, for example, we never had expensive clothes, from childhood we were behaved to another valuable thing in life. For example, mother spent a lot of money for our education, a music, English, theatre, museum, concerts. She intended that we were growing friendly. Our grandfather Imantai said that if you have an opportunity to help to someone – help him immediately. Do not pass by one’s trouble. And Kanysh Imantayevich was a such person, and my mother was a such person that so much goodness did to people! Generally, a wonderful atmosphere was in our family penetrated with goodness, mutual understanding, domesticity. Paternal home was truly an origin of the beginning for us.

Other’s goodness lessons Alima Kanikeyevna Zharmagambetovna is remembered forever. “Once one student told me that prior to New Year when all students went home, she with her friends left in the hostel, because they didn’t have money to go home. And my mother, evidently, was on duty, she entered the room and saw three sad girls; she asked why they didn’t go at home, and when she knew the reason, she took money from her bag and left money at the table. “Firstly we denied, and then we were jumping from happiness” – this student being reminded.

And there are thousands of such examples from Khanissa Kanyshevna’s life as such deeds for her are not a demonstration of nobility, but a lifestyle. Being a rarely modest human she never told about these deeds to anyone; as wise women Khanissa Satpayeva knows the main life’s secret: life is a boomerang and later on anything will return to you, good and bad things.

Therefore I cannot to not note a honorable tradition which for many years exists in medical university, talented precursors are kept in mind. And our current Rector Aikan Akanov not only supported a motion on assignment the name of Khanissa Satpayeva by the Center “Life Sciences”, but also he established for her a personal stipend which she receives as a honorary teacher of the Kazakh National Medical University.

Hurry up for good Deeds, and certainly they will return to you.