Mission and Purpose of the KazNMU Alumni Association

«Alumni Association of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University»- a Republican public association that strengthens and develops professional relationships and contacts between students, university graduates, teachers and health workers, promote the prestige of the teaching profession and the health care professional.
«Alumni Association of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University» was established in November 2009.
The mission of the Alumni Association is to connect alumni to the University and to each other, to provide valued services to members, and to support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

We believe that alumni are a key component in the continued success of the university as a leading institution of higher education that they helped shape.

KazNMU Alumni Association is an independent, non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the welfare of the university by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between university and its growing worldwide community of alumni.

The Alumni Association provides and supports alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and university affiliation.

The Alumni Association leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni and friends to advise, guide, and support the Association and the university in achieving their respective missions and goals.

KazNMU Alumni Association aspires to be a primary linkage between the university and its family of alumni across the globe, to commit them to the university’s missions of life long learning, discovery and engagement, and to attract them to university service.

Brand the Alumni Association as an organization responsive to the needs of alumni relative to their careers, desire for lifelong learning and engagement, social interactions, and willingness to provide volunteer service and/or support to strengthen and advance the university.

Continually assess the interests and needs of alumni on the basis of their multiple affinities with the university in order to better understand and serve the dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted community of KazNMU alumni.

Leverage, where possible, the experience, capability and dedication of all alumni to the benefit of the university and the Alumni Association.

Join the KazNMU Alumni Association and become part of an organization of over 65,000 alums dedicated to helping you stay connected to Alma Mater