Саида Занира, Тахир Бухари

 «Жалпы медицина» мамандығы бойынша білім алатын 5 курс студенті- Пакистан

1.Whole my life I want be a DOCTOR. It is my dream, it is passion. My papa has worked here approximately 7 years ago, and after finishing my school I had only 1 way to continue my study – medicine. So as all knows Kazakh National Medical University is the best and the biggest university in Kazakhstan, which can realize main aim of my life.

2.I can’t count. Firstly, a lot of good friend. I feel very big regret that after some month I am going to leave them. Second, of course, teachers. I have a lot of attachments with my teachers, and still trying to meet them when I have a time, have a cup of tea and pleasant conversation. And another thing – is independence.

3.  I will remember every moment of my student life. It was the most colorful, full of experience and enjoyment part of my life. Even now I can’t imagine my life without University. What will I do?

4. Without any doubt. I will always celebrate Nauryiz!!!!! It’s really very beautiful and spectacular holiday I have ever seen

5. Yes. Of course. I am very thankful for this, because when I am going to do practice anywhere I can easily do any manipulation, I can understand almost every conversation between doctors about any disease or treatment.

6. Excellent.  No more words

7. I think I will know it when I will have a practice in my homeland. I had only two weeks practice last year in holidays, but it is not enough to do any output.