Сафи Самиулхак

 «Жалпы медицина» мамандығы бойынша білім алатын 1 курс студенті- Ауғанстан


hello sir!

How are you?

I’m fine, thank you and how are you?

I’m good , thanks

Whats your name?

My name is Samiulhaq Safi

and where are you from?

I’m from Afghanistan

what do you do?

I’m a student

Where do you study?

I study in Kazakh National Medical University

Why did you choose medical University in Kazakhstan?

Because study in here is in a high quality , and it is unexpensive and cheaper than study in the other countries,it has a complete environment to study better , it has  a convenient hostel for living,i think we have no problem here,we are happy for our study and hostel.

what did you learn from living and Studying in Kazakhstan without your profession?

Without our study, We learned the culture and tradition of kazakhstan and also knew the history of Kazakhstan. We learned that the  people of Kazakhstan are brave, hospitable, with good culture and tradition, and has thousands years of history, and besides that We also showed and introduced our own Culture, tradition and history to them.

How is the Quality of studying in the university and Are you all happy here to study?

Yes, absolutely. the method of studying in here is perfect. the teachers and professors in the university are well educated and experienced and they teach us very well with a great method. They help us as much as possible. and beside all these,we are happy that they help us with our practical lessons.

What is your special memory from the people of Kazakhstan and from your university?

I Have lots of special memories, the people of this country are hospitable and treat us very well and they respect us and we also respect them, and for the first time when we came to Kazakhstan we didnt know even a word in russian and we had lots of problems but our friends in here helped us to learn russian and we also had russian language teachers and we studied russian language for four months,and after that next year when we came to start studying in the university, we had a few problems because our russian was not very well but our friends that they study in our groups they helped us to improve russian language and they also solved our other problems too. and right now I am studying in 030 — 01 group, I have good friends and classmates, they always help me in study and we have a great relationship between us. and these were all my special memories in Kazakhstan and from my University.

thanks for your all information and memories that you told us.

and I want to thank first of all from you sir,then from all of my friends and classmates from our university, and then from the people of kazakhstan,and specially from the president of kazakhstan who gave us the possibility for studying in thier country. thank you very much.