Toregeldy SHARMANOV is a patriarch of Kazakhstan medicine, a Kazakh Nutrition Academy and Preventive Medicine Academy President, the most magisterial doctor, academician honored with the highest WHO award, a Leon Bernard medal for outstanding contribution into global health.

A worth place in the domestic medical education is taken by my original university, the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov where over 60 thousand doctors were trained for Kazakhstan.
The destiny of the main Kazakhstan medical training outpost founders, Sanzhar Asfendiyarov and his comrade Khalel Dosmukhamedov, was complex and tragic. Many other glorious names, as well, are kept by the University’s history. And concerning present, in fact, what is maintained unchanged in any educational institution? As in the living human body, all things must pass, as university is created and its life is formed by individuals, and regretfully, human life is short.

In the educational institution building and interior untouchable may be, as, for example, a unique university architectural ensemble. Right after breakup of the USSR these buildings being referred to classical samples by architectural conception fell to desolation. However, thanks to God, currently these are not only secured, but also renewed.

A constructive longevity of the university buildings didn’t allow to moral out-of-dating as these were created under esthetical opulence of their creators targeted to panhuman importance. And for last three-four years the life of this unique highest educational institution is almost renewed. All buildings underwent major repair and hostels changed into European standard campuses.

As for any educational institution, the main mission of the university is to provide a worthy education.

University Head has to be concerned about quality of specialist training in co-operation with science, student youth mentoring, which is a core of the educational process and being in demand for future doctors and researchers With such requirements to the University’s tasks the only meaningful idea is success. That’s why head as manager should be actively constructive and success-oriented. And if the manager is good, the success should be serious and assured by intellectual and talent potential. That is how activities of KazNMU are built.

An effective relation between educational process and medical science is performed, which allows to training the doctors, medical researches, civilized country-level specialists, and provide the country with qualitative scientific product.

Nevertheless, just recently, an applied science suffered from lack of studies worthy to be applicable in the medical practice, without even mentioning fundamental science.

Turn for the better in the university’s life can’t leave unfazed. Indeed, in 2010 a three-storey capital building stood unkempt almost 20 years, accumulated as much trash, as its removal took 65 lorry round trips, and this was revitalized. This building gained a civilized face! The SRC of applied and fundamental researches named after B Atchabarov was opened here. Almost all hostels and academic buildings were capitally repaired. Over 3,000 square meters of unkempt underground were restored and involved into educational process.

The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition consolidated with the University as consortium. Well-known in international community due to its scientific achievements successfully realized practically by unique innovative projects, this, together with KazNMU, started to develop know-how against ageing. This tandem will work at the state-of-the-art research level allowing to improvement the university status to the level of innovative-research University.

A Public Health School named after Khalel Dosmukhamedov, the nearest comrade of Sanzhar Asfendijarov, was commissioned.
Newly created subdivision on foreign connections started to actively work. All this is by far main, viable, and prospective line of the medical science development.

For short period KazNMU transformed, achieved tangible results in academic activities, as well. To improve quality of specialists training the own medical education model was developed upon experience of leading foreign universities, and this program is targeted on key competency formation among future specialists, such as knowledge, skills, communicative skills, legal aspect, and ability to continuous education.

This model of the university education presents an integral system for which a special academic program by training directions was developed considering labor market demand diving to future specialists an opportunity of individual trajectory choice. One started in university to successfully use innovative technologies and interactive educational methods, a clear student’s competency assessment system was developed after every educational stage and after the final graduate certification.

A new educational model on KazNMU required radical changes in educational process management by through the creation of new structural subdivisions such as training departments, educational program committees.

To follow the success rate of new model implementation and for comprehensive analysis of the medical education reform an Education quality and scientific support monitoring and analysis center was created, as well, and bottom line is discussed at the university conference.

To co-ordinate and control the quality of continuous translation of practical and communicative skills during the under- and post-graduate all-specialist training based on competence-based educational model, one created in KazNMU a unique in the world medical specialist training practice and firstly in the former Soviet Union Center of Practical Skills.

Yet, third year in the university the lectures are delivered and master-classes are given by outstanding foreign scientists. In recent years there is a tradition to perform an advanced training of teaching personnel and exchange of experience at the basis of the best foreign universities.

Over recent years KazNMU’s life is changed so much so that whoever have been learning and working here earlier will misknow the current alma mater image. An architectural ensemble of the university’s buildings represents a complex built according to the beauty law and directed to creation of the spatial environment for comfortable life and education, for effective research and pedagogical activities. Aesthetics has changed entire university’s image including its internal presentation. Interior rich of wonderful pictures, unique artifacts full of deep subject matter inviting student youth to complex medical subject mastery is naturally connected with as much as wonderful exterior where bloomy alleys devoted to Manshuk Mametova, Aliya Moldagulova, and university alumni hold the scepter. Even walls talk here, for example, about importance of bread and salt enriched by essential to health substances.

A main square in front of administration building of the university is secured from urban noise and vanity; in its center at the flagstaff the flags of independent Kazakhstan and native university are flattering. This big and beautiful territory is given to disposal by students as recreation and cultural leisure activities. Memorable dates of public and university life are celebrated here: Science and Medical Professional days, Alumnus and Studentship Inauguration days where congratulations and greetings from relatives and mentors alternate with concerted items from artist professionals and amateur university groups. In general, university square was transformed into out-of-door youth cultural center. During week-days it’s a pleasure to look at students walking about in white coats.

On the walls between the columns of academic buildings the Tabula Prima are hung up where names of the university scientists having entered a major contribution into medical science are inscribed. Each of 15 lecture halls is devoted to a community recognized scientist and bears a message of continuity of generations. Special hall is named after outstanding world health organizer, a tireless messenger of PMC principles and Almaty Declaration, an ex-Director of the Regional WHO Bureau, Osval. Lecture hall of the Public Health School of the University is symbolically called “Alma-Ata-78” as tribute of the memory of the famous Almaty conference.

A new Applied and Fundamental Medical School of the University is named after outstanding scientist, a patriot of the country academician Bakhiya Atchabarov, and Public Health School is named after Khalel Dosmukhamedov.

Major contribution of Prof. Maskeyev as Rector being upgraded of facilities of the university is marked by memorial plaque. Group visit of first-year students of the Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abai, Drama Theatre named after M Auezov, Youth Theatre named after G Musrepov, and concert halls became an annual tradition of the university life. Hence, such cultural center is available in the university.

Extraordinarily sacramental Congress-Hall per thousand seats, a congratulatory events venue, equipped by wide screen and Dolby-system, is transformed into the only University Theatre in country.

Historical round hall in form recalling a Kazakh yurt and currently called Hall of Fame, carries the national holiness spirit. Any time one enters here with heart shivers. Inside perimeter contains here the community recognized persons for their heroic deeds, peaceful labor, and scientific achievements.

It is not surprising that in recent times the Kazakh National Medical University turned out to be in a center of genuine interest from community, to become an object for visits from other academic organizations. In general, by any definition and with no any discounts, KazNMU became a top level in the country and by key factors – a serious competitor of the National Universities named after Al Farabi and K Satpayev.

This is a result of thoughtful, serious attitude of responsible employees of the university to a place of youth education, as culture entering the essential life values forms motivation and orientation to learning and individual improvement among students.

Today the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov is having reached such a position where everybody of several thousand strong team resides in the environment improving human’s worth and proud of his/her affiliation, as Pavel Florensky wrote: “to the person supplying and growing environment”. This is a flash of the triumphal patriotism.